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Home Banking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for using Home Banking?
No. Our Home Banking is provided to you as a service to enable you to review your account, transfers funds within the account and to view/print/download copies of checks that have cleared your account. (Access to your paid checks is actually a savings for you.)

Can I set this service up myself or does RelyOn need to enroll me?
Home Banking is self-enrolling after receiving your initial temporary PIN from the credit union. Step-by-step instructions are provided on the “Enter Home Banking Page”.

My spouse and I both use the same account with the credit union; will we need to set up separate Passwords?
No, joint membership allows for equal access to the credit union account. All joint owners will use whatever Username and Password is set up at enrollment.

How secure is this site?
Multiple firewalls, an Intrusion Detection System, and a dedicated data line that connects our database to an offsite server protect RelyOn’s Home Banking site. Additionally, your credit union utilizes an outside, third-party vendor to perform quarterly Remote Vulnerability Assessments.

When I perform a transaction on Home Banking when will it post to my account?
Whenever you initiate a transfer between savings, checking, money markets, lines-of-credit or loans, the transaction is posted immediately.

How far back in history can I retrieve a paid check copy?
You can view up to the last 180 (one hundred eighty) calendar days of paid check copies and account history. For history and check copies past the 180 (one hundred eighty) calendar days you need to contact the credit union. (We recommend that you send a message through the Secure Message Center located on the Home Banking page.)

Why does my session occasionally time out?
The system is set to automatically time out after 20 (twenty) minutes. This is for your security; in the event you have to leave your computer, someone else cannot come behind you and access your account. This “time out” can be customized by going to the “Settings & Services” tab on the Home Banking page and choosing another time frame for an automatic log off.

When I originally enrolled I accepted the “Terms and Conditions” on Home Banking. I have noticed that occasionally I have to accept them again, why is this?
Anytime changes are made to the “Terms and Conditions”, whether by a change in RelyOn policies or necessitated by State or Federal Regulations, the “Terms and Conditions” must be accepted again. This should be an infrequent occurrence.

Is additional help available?
Yes, you have 4 (four) available ways of accessing help. They are:

  • Use the Help button on the site.
  • Send a message to RelyOn Home Banking from the Message Center on the Home Banking site
  • E-mail RelyOnUs@RelyOnCU.org
  • Call our Member Services Department at (214) 357-3328 during business hours

If I forget my PIN what do I do?
If you are using the Home Banking service only you will need to fax your request for a new PIN with the following information to the attention of “Home Banking Services”.

  • Your Member Account number
  • A copy of your drivers license
  • A telephone number that you can be reached at during business hours
  • Your signature and your printed or typed name

Upon receipt of this information your PIN will be reset and you will be contacted by the next business day with this new information.

In both cases you will be required to change your new PIN once you log into Home Banking again.

Are there regularly scheduled system times when the Home Banking will not be available?
Yes. There will be occasions when the service will be unavailable. These are infrequent and scheduled during non-peak usage periods. We will make every attempt to notify you in advance.