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70 Anniversary CD Promo

Earn more money with our higher anniversary CD rates!

RelyOn turns 70 this year. No need to get us a gift – we have one for you instead.

Right now, earn some of the best rates in the country on certificates of deposit!

  • .7% APY for 7 months¹
  • 1.7% APY for 14 months¹
  • 2.7% APY for 21 months¹

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a guaranteed low-risk investment option when saving for retirement, college or other major life events. By letting us hold your money for a specific length of time, you earn a higher rate than a regular savings account. The longer we hold it, the higher your rate. Watch your money grow with a rate that stays locked from the first day you open your CD!

Visit one of our convenient branch locations or call or text us at 214-357-3328 to get your certificate started today.

APY is annual percentage yield. CD rate may change on renewal. APY accurate as of June 1, 2022. $500 minimum required to open promotional CD. Withdrawings funds prior to maturity date could result in a penalty fee and reduce the earnings in the account.