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Loan Rates & Guidelines

Effective May 1, 2023

RelyOn Credit Union would like to lighten your financial burden by offering you the ability to “skip-a-payment”. By contacting our Loan Department, we can arrange a 30 day extension on your scheduled loan payment for a small processing fee that we've lowered to $50.00, for qualified borrowers. Call our Loan Department today!

Unsecured Loans
Terms Rate*
Up to 60 months 9.90% - 17.79%
Teacher Supply Loan
Borrow up to $2,500 up to 24 months
Line of Credit
Terms Rate*
$10.00 minimum payment 9.90% - 17.79%
Type Rate*
Gold 9.90%-12.90%
Classic 12.90%-18.00%
Secured 15.90%-18.00%

No annual fee. Required minimum payment of $18.00/month or 3% of outstanding balance.

New Auto - as low as 1
Terms Rate*
Up to 48 months 5.75%
49 - 60 months 6.15%
61 - 75 months 6.55%
76 - 84 months 6.79%2

1 (CURRENT YEAR – 1) 100% + Tax, Title, License, GAP coverage and Warranty
2 Terms 76 months and greater apply to loan amounts > $30,000.

Share (Deposit) Secured Loan
Terms Rate*
Up to 60 months 4.0%
Boat, RV, Tractor, Trailer, Equipment, Tiny Home, Motorcycle and
Motor Home Loans, New and Used - as low as 3
Type Terms Rate*
New and Used Up to 48 months 6.99%
New and Used 49 - 60 months 7.29%
New and Used 61 - 75 months 7.89%
New and Used 76 - 84 months 8.79%
New and Used 85 months and greater 9.79%

3 New – 100% MSRP selling price; Used – NADA Retail Value

*Annual percentage rate, as low as – all rates subject to change and can vary based on credit-worthiness and terms of the loan. 

Rate Disclosures

Unsecured, Line of Credit, and Mastercard loans may be granted at the discretion of the loan officer. Consideration for a loan is that a member have an excellent credit rating; financially able to repay; is of good character; and purpose is for good reason. Line of Credit, Unsecured, Share (deposit) Mastercard and Mastercard loans may not exceed a combined total of $30,000.00 per member.

Automobiles 6-9 years old, a .50% rate bump applies. Automobiles older than ten years old, a 2.50% rate bump applies. Automobiles with 100,000 miles or more, a 2.50% rate bump applies.

If loans for PURCHASE exceed the collateralized loan limit, as stated, the published APR may be increased by 1%. when an unsecured loan is combined with a collateralized loan, and the total loan exceeds stated limits, the APR applicable to the unsecured loan will apply.

Consistent with the needs of the member/borrower and the best interest of the Credit Union, a loan (open-end or closed-end) with a maturity of less than 30 months may be repaid by a single payment of principal if the Loan Officer finds loan shall provide for: payment of interest with each payment of principal, payment of interest not less frequently than annually and sufficient payments to pay the loan in full at maturity.

Maximum secured loans may not exceed 10% unimpaired cash and surplus of the Credit Union.

All loans except credit cards, Holiday Helper, Teacher Supply Loan, First Responder, and Kaufman City County Employee loans require a loan processing fee.  Please refer to Fee Schedule for current fee.

All loan applications not approved by the Loan Officer will be referred to the Loan Committee for approval or disapproval. Debt ratios in excess of 55% must be ratified by the President or VP of Member Experience.

Shown above are the limitations and regulations as set by Credit Union Law and policies as set by our Board of Directors and are subject to change without notice.