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Giving Back

You know just as well as we do that the communities we love—Kaufman, Forney, Dallas—are all built by people. People like you who care and work hard to make these places as great as they are.

Thanks for putting your heart into giving back. It’s a blast to partner with neighbors and local organizations to serve our community. 

The Center
The Center—Kaufman’s local food bank—does incredible work to make sure no Kaufman family goes hungry. To date, The Center has served hundreds of local families.

Volunteer for Social Good
“Volunteer time off” is a staple at RelyOn. Employees take time during the week to volunteer at local nonprofits that matter to them. To set up a group volunteer time with the RelyOn staff, contact relyonus@relyoncu.org.

Board Leadership
Your organization’s board of directors plays a critical role in the long-term impact your organization can have. As a not-for-profit financial institution ourselves, board governance is a thing we hold near and dear.