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Workplace Wellness

Financial Wellness is the best benefit you could give your employees.

As an employer, you have the incredible privilege of providing for your employees. You get to take care of them.

That car they just bought to fit their growing family? They were able to buy it because of you. Those once-in-a-lifetime memories from the trip they won’t stop talking about? They could take that trip because of you. You have an impact.

Financial wellness is just one more way for you to take care of your people.

Here’s why: they’re carrying more financial stress than they let on. Check out these statistics:

  • 59% of employees say money is their biggest stressor in life
  • 49% have trouble paying for household expenses each month
  • 45% have less than $1,000 saved for unexpected expenses
  • 83% want some type of professional financial guidance

Who better to help them out of this stress than you? You’re already taking care of them in so many ways. They need you here too. Let us help you help them.

Financially well employees perform better, but that’s not the only benefit to you.

We understand that as a business owner, you’re concerned both about the health of your individual employees and the stability of your overall business.

Employee financial wellness doesn’t cost you anything...and we do all the work.

RelyOn at Work is a benefits program that comes completely free of charge to you and your employees. Plus, we do all the work so it doesn’t cost you any time.

Here are the opportunities available when you partner with RelyOn at Work:

  • Personal finance coaching for new hires
  • Anonymous surveys to learn the true financial health of your employees
  • Monthly financial wellness tips you can send employees
  • 1-on-1 financial guidance
  • Access to RelyOn Member Benefits, including better rates and fewer fees
  • Financial wellness workshops, seminars and lunch-and-learns (digital and on-site options available) on topics such as:
    - Home buying
    - Student loan debt
    - Credit protection
    - Identity theft

Help your employees take ownership of their paycheck and make the most of their money.

Email now to get your RelyOn at Work program started!