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Round up the Change

Imagine how great it would feel to look at your savings account and see that it’s grown by hundreds of dollars…without you doing anything!

Welcome to RelyOn’s Roll Up the Change program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Opt in through the form below
  • We’ll automatically round up your checking account charges and put the difference in your savings account
  • Watch your savings grow daily!
  • As an example, if you spend $18.02 on the groceries to make Mom’s famous chili or Dad’s secret BBQ sauce, we’ll charge your checking account $19 even and put the 98-cent difference into your savings account.

Do that for every transaction every day over the course of a few months, and we’re talking big bucks.

And not just big bucks. We’re talking getting to your goals faster.

That home improvement project? Done, faster.
That family vacation? There, faster.
That college degree? Earned, faster.

Opt in below to get started today.

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