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RelyOn ITMs are coming soon! These machines are like ATMs with a branch inside.

Here are some commonly asked questions about these new machines.

1. Why is it called an ITM?

ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine. It is interactive, because you can talk to a teller remotely on the machine’s video screen.

2. Do I have to talk to a teller to use these machines?

No. If you prefer self-service, you may continue to use the self-service features.

3. How will the teller know it’s really me trying to access my account?

ITMs are equipped with technology that lets you scan your valid photo ID or show it to the teller on the screen.

4. What is the difference between an ITM and video banking?

ITMs dispense cash. Video banking does not. Plus, you can access video banking from your computer or mobile device without having to leave your home!

5. Where can I find an ITM?

Anywhere you would find a RelyOn ATM is where you can find an ITM! These new machines will be replacing the old ATMs. Kaufman will have two ITMs, Dallas will have one and Forney will also have one. Click here to find a location near you!

6. Why are you moving to these machines? Why are you changing?

ITMs allows our members to have a live face-to-face interaction with ITM tellers at the ATM! This makes your experience more personable. At RelyOn, we care about YOU and want to make life as easy as possible for you.

7. Will my transaction take longer than it does with a traditional teller?

Nope! In fact, we anticipate that your ITM transactions with our ITM tellers should take less time than transacting in a branch with a traditional teller.

8. Are these machines replacing people? Are tellers losing their job due to the addition of these machines?

Our tellers are not losing their jobs. We have added positions to incorporate the new responsibilities for our ITMs.

9. Will my deposit be processed as it is when I go to a regular teller?

Your deposit will be processed in the same way, whether you transact with a traditional teller in a branch or an ITM teller at the ITM.

10. Can I put coins into the ITM?

Similar to ATM functionality, the ITM function cannot accept or process coin.

11. Will the ITM dispense coins?  What if I want to cash a check that is not an even amount?

The ITM will not dispense coins. For check cashing of an uneven amount, the ITM will automatically round-down to the nearest dollar and will place the remaining change in your RelyOn savings account.

12. What can I do at the ITM?

Our ITM tellers can perform all the transaction of a traditional in-branch teller, including:

  • Cashing checks
  • Making account transfers
  • Accepting RelyOn CU loan payments
  • Depositing of checks and cash
  • Withdrawing cash
  • Our ITM tellers can also assist with answering many of your other RelyOn CU account questions.

13. There is not enough privacy and I do not want others listening in my conversation. What can I do?

For added privacy, the ITM lets you pick up a built-in handset for your conversation with the Video Teller. If you’re still concerned about privacy, you can also choose to private chat with the video teller using a touchscreen keyboard.

14. Is this new technology secure? How will the ITM Tellers authenticate that I am the actual member?

Yes, the ITM is secure. The ITM Tellers will use the same authentication procedure as our in-branch tellers before processing any transactions.   

15. Is there a cost to use the Video Teller functionality?

There is no cost to use the Video Teller functionality. This is a brand-new option adding to the value and convenience of your RelyOn CU membership.

Still have questions? No problem! Call us, and we’ll get you squared away.


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