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Holiday Skip-A-Pay

How would you like to skip one or even two of your RelyOn loan payments between now and January 13 with no damage to your credit and no late payment?

It’s not a trick question! We know the holidays are expensive, and this is a great way to get keep some of your own money.

Here’s how Skip a Pay works:

  • Complete the online form
  • Skip one month for $30 (40% savings) or two months for $60 (33% savings)
  • If you qualify*, we’ll deduct the money from your RelyOn savings or checking account
  • You skip your payment(s) and use that money for something else

That’s it!

Happy holidays from RelyOn!

Apply Today!

*Must be a member in good standing and be current on the applicable loan. Must have made six months of successful payments on the loan. Must be a qualifying loan product (loans not eligible for Skip a Pay: credit cards, line of credit, CD Secured, overdraft protection, Tideover, Teacher Supply Loan, Upstart, Share Secured loan, mortgage, home equity and holiday helper. The $30/60 processing fee will be deducted from the available funds in your account (checking or savings). If your loan payment(s) is made via ACH from another financial institution, your payment(s) will be moved up one (1) month in advance. Max of 2 skip payments processed on eligible loan per calendar year. Interest continues to accrue.