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Fee Schedule Update Notification

Please note that the RelyOn Fee Schedule will be changing on December 1, 2020. This is an advanced notice informing you of these changes, including an opportunity to review the upcoming alterations. 

As a member-owned cooperative, not having to make stockholders rich is one reason that your credit union membership offers so many benefits. We pass along our profits to you through lower loan rates and charging fewer or lower fees than banks. 

Another reason is that we accurately price services. We are most efficient and effective when our members actively use all we have to offer. We are making minor adjustments to some fees, including ones that impact the RelyOn 365 Account. Chances are we can save you money on personal loans, credit cards, and checking accounts you may have elsewhere. Call us today at 214-357-3328 or email relyononus@relyoncu.org to see how you 

Click here to view the updated Fee Schedule effective December 1, 2020 


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