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Classroom Scholarships for Teachers

Teachers have been through the ringer this year, and for many the challenges of combined virtual and in-person learning have just begun.

RelyOn to the rescue!

We’re giving away three classroom scholarships - $1000 each -  to teachers in Dallas, Forney and Kaufman Counties who live RelyOn values:

  • Authentic
  • Bright
  • Creative

Complete the form and essay below to nominate your favorite teacher or yourself.

Scholarships will be awarded in September.

Good Luck!

The nominee must be a current RelyOn member.

* - Indicates required field

One of RelyOn Credit Union’s values is creativity. How do you inspire your students to be creative, particularly in today’s unique learning environment? Tell a story of a time your approach to creativity made a positive impact on a student. Note: If nominating a teacher other than yourself, please share how they inspire students to be creative.
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