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Lost your job? Working less? Financially stressed? RelyOn has a plan to keep you on your feet.

Here’s how we’re going to work with you to make it happen:

Extended Skip-A-Pay
Skip a payment on existing RelyOn loans. Just extra cash when you need it most. 30 and 60-day options available.


No Loan Payments for 90 Days
Apply for a RelyOn loan to help make ends meet, and you won’t have to make payments on it for 90 days.


Refinance Your Ride
Refinance your auto loan from another institution and bring it to RelyOn. Get a better rate as low as 2.69% APR. Plus, no payments for 90 days and up to $200 cash.


Free Stop Payments
Stop a questionable check or electronic payment before it hits your checking account. Now offering no fee for this service


Early Direct Deposit
Get your paycheck early. Direct deposits will now hit your account one to two days early, depending on your payroll processor.


Increased ATM Limits
Now get up to $1,000 cash from any RelyOn or Co-Op ATM. Text your zip code to 91989 to find the closest ATM near you


Zogo App
Give your family something fun to do. Kids can earn gift cards while learning financial literacy. Best for ages 13 and up.


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