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Balance Transfer

Bring balance to your life 

Transfer your credit card balances to a RelyOn Credit Card and pay just 7.1% APR* on balances transferred until they're paid in full! Plus, pay $0 balance transfer fees now through March 31, 2019*. 

Apply Now!

  • Consolidate your debts to just one card
  • Reduce your monthly payments
  • Pay off your debt faster 

This promotion will only last until March 31st, so transfer your balances today! Call us at (214) 357-3328 or stop by your local RelyOn branch to transfer your balances to your RelyOn Credit Card today. 

Don't have a RelyOn Mastercard Credit Card yet? Click the link above to apply now. 

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Balances must be transferred by March 31, 2019. Promotional rate effective until the balance is paid in full. The transaction fee for Balance Transfers is $0 per transaction until March 31, 2019. Transfers may not be used to pay off existing RelyOn debts. Your account must be in good standing and the financial institution reserves the right to return any item on accounts if your account is either in default, you have exceeded your credit limit, or if the item you wish us to pay would cause the outstanding balance in your account to exceed your credit limit. Rewards and/or rebates are not eligible with this offer. Payments made to your account will be applied first to any finance charges/interest and other fees due and then to the unpaid principal balance with the highest APRs.