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Protecting Yourself from Skyrocketing ID Theft Events

Thursday, March 28th - 5:00pm CT

Join us for our webinar and learn how the Identity Theft Detection and Recovery Services provided by our RelyOn 365 Checking Account provides protection in the event that you suspect or find out that you've become a victim of any identity theft – even from data breaches, such as one from Marriott, Equifax, T-Mobile or Uber.

During this in-depth educational webinar, we’ll share the latest identity theft trends, provide an overview of your identity theft detection and recovery benefits, and let you know what you should do if you suspect or find out that you’ve become an identity theft victim:

  • Learn how hackers are more aggressively targeting mobile devices, apps and social platforms.
  • Find out why new account opening, medical and tax fraud are becoming more dangerous than debit and credit card fraud.
  • Learn how Fully Managed Recovery works and how a personal Privacy Advocate is available to research and resolve any identity theft issue that you may suspect, or evidence of identity fraud that you may discover.
  • Learn about other ID theft detection services available to you through RelyOn 365 Checking: Credit Monitoring, Dark Web Monitoring, Mobile Device Protection and more!

• Jim McCabe - Senior Vice President, Identity Theft Solutions at Vero
• Mark Pribish - Vice President & ID Theft Practice Leader at Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.

Watch our webinar from the comfort of your home, or join us at our Dallas or Kaufman branches as we'll be hosting viewing parties to watch the webinar live. We'll be providing pizza and snacks for those that attend in person. 

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