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Student Driver First Time Loan Program

Not many financial institutions will take a chance on loaning money to students with a limited or troubled credit history. RelyOn does, and we don’t charge you the ridiculously high rates the other guys do!

We’ll even pre-approve you for a $1,000 credit card or Upstart Loan.

Our Student Driver Auto Loan Program helps both current students and recent graduates:

  • Students currently enrolled in a college, university, or accredited trade school
  • Those who graduated within the past year from a college, university or accredited trade school

Financing and Down Payment Requirements

  • Minimum required cash down payment of $750 or 10% of purchase price (whichever is more)
  • GPA of 3.5 or higher will receive an additional 1.00% APR discount from quoted rate (copy of college transcript required)
  • Borrow up to 85% of the vehicle’s appraised value
  • Vehicle value may not exceed NADA retail value
  • Vehicle must be 6 years old or newer
  • 85,000 maximum mileage
  • Co-borrower not required
  • $30,000 maximum loan amount
  • 60-month maximum term
  • Proof of income showing at least 90 days tenure in current job required

We’re willing to take a chance on students. Give us a chance to finance your first auto loan!