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Auto Loan FAQ

Got questions on your auto loan? We’ve got answers. Check out these frequently asked questions from folks just like you.

What is the correct lienholder name and address that I need to give my insurance company?
The lienholder is: RelyOn Credit Union, 315 E. Fair St., Kaufman, TX 75142

Do I need to notify the credit union if I change insurance companies for my auto insurance?
Yes, please notify us when you make any changes to your insurance carrier.

Can I change my method of payment during the term of the note?
Yes, just contact us to request a change in your payment method.

Can I make extra payments with no penalty?
Yes, you can make extra payments on your loan at any time. No penalty!

Can I pay my loan off early with no penalty?
Yes, you can pay your loan off early with no penalty fee. Way to go!

What is the grace period before a late charge is applied?
You have a 10-day grace period before a late fee is applied.

Am I able to apply for a loan using the equity value of my car?
Yes, if your vehicle has positive equity you can apply to refinance that loan and net the equity amount.

What are the different payment options that I have to make my payment?
You can set up auto pay using ACH, automatic transfer from your RelyOn account, use our Bacon Pay service by accessing link, or pay in-person at one of our convenient branch locations.

Does the credit union have a contact that I could get a quote or rate comparison for full coverage insurance?
You can contact the TruStage Insurance Agency and receive the Credit Union member discount on your quote. Call 1-888-380-9287, or visit trustageautohome.com.