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Fee Schedule

Effective June 3, 2019

Fee Schedule
General Fee Description Standard Fee
Paper Statement* $3
Foreign ATM1 $3
Overdraft Protection Transfer: Savings/Checking $3 (per occurrence)
Copy of Statement/Check $3
Easy Pay $3
RelyOn 365 Checking Monthly Fee $5/$3***
Official Check  $5
Replacement Plastic Card $5 after first free card
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5
Dormant Account Per Month** $5
Mastercard Gift Cards $5
Bill Pay Expedited Electronic Payment $5
Returned Mail/Bad Address  $5
Money Market Below Minimum Balance ($2,500) $10
Courtesy Pay: if available balance is overdrawn less than $35.00 $10
Excessive Withdrawal Fee (Savings/Money Market) $10
Returned Deposit $10
Bill Pay Overnight Check Payment $30
Domestic Wire $30
Stop Payment: ACH/Check $30
Courtesy Pay: if available balance is overdrawn $35 or more $30
Non-sufficient Funds  $30
Research Per Hour $30
Incorrect Wire Info/Returned Wire $30
Loan Skip A Payment Fee $50 $40
Title Fee – File Lien Only $50
Title Fee – Sale of Transfer of Ownership**** $50
Holiday Helper Loan Processing Fee $25
Internal Refinance Fee $50
Foreign Item Collection Fee $50
Plastic Card Rush Fee $90
Garnishment/Levy $125 (plus legal fees)
Safe Deposit Boxes
General Fee Description Standard Fee
3x5 $20
3x10 $40
5x10 $60
10x10 $80
Key Deposit $10
Change Lock/Drilling Actual Cost

*Waived if under 18 or over 60; first 90 days of account opening waived.
**Dormant fee is charged from months 3-12 of account being inactive.
***$5 montly service fee, but $2 discount for members who have a RelyOn loan or credit card. 
****Waived for external refinance. 
1Two RelyOn foreign ATM fees will be waived with RelyOn 365 Checking. Foreign ATM fee(s) charged from another institution is not waived.