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Kaufman Remodel

Pretty much every neighborhood has that one house. You know what we're talking about. It's the one house that doesn't match the rest of the neighborhood...because the grass is always too tall, or it's bright purple.

We don't want to be that "one house" in Kaufman! Instead of an aging facility, we're bringing you a modern facility you'll be proud to call your credit union. Plus, being the best version of ourselves makes the Kaufman community a better place for you to do business.

This page is your home base for updates on our Kaufman remodel. Check back frequently to see our progress.

May 13, 2022

You know things are coming along nicely when the bathroom is done.
And here's the updated drive-thru. Thank you for your patience while we got this updated. We are on the home stretch and excited to welcome you back into our lobby soon!

In-branch service will be limited until construction is complete some time this summer. Please use our drive-thru and digital services. If you need to conduct business inside, please make an appointment online.



We’re Remodeling!

Our Kaufman branch is an older facility that needs a more modern look. The renovations will help us provide you better service. We also want to provide our members with the same modern look and feel that our Forney branch has, so you will be proud to call us your credit union.

This means most of in-person service in Kaufman will be drive-thru only until construction is complete sometime this summer. See our FAQs for exceptions.

Becoming the best version of ourselves from a visual standpoint also benefits the entire community. When businesses improve their own appearances, they improve the appearance of the community as a whole.

Check the website and our social media pages often for construction updates and alerts on service disruptions.

How am I supposed to bank with you if I can’t come inside?
Our drive-thru will be open daily with the exception of times when the power has to be shut off. We don’t anticipate that often and will let members know as far in advance as possible. 

  • Online banking and bill pay
  • Mobile app
  • Online loan payments
  • Online forms
  • If you need to deposit a check, you can use:
  • Our mobile app – take a picture and deposit it from your phone or tablet
  • Our deposit taking ITM
  • Our night deposit

If you need to deposit cash, you can use:

  • Our deposit taking ITM
  • Our night deposit

If you need to withdraw cash, you can use:

  • The drive-thru, during business hours
  • The ITM

How do I make an appointment for service if I have to come inside to do something?
You can make an appointment on our website by clicking this link or by going to relyoncu.org and clicking the orange “Book Appointment” button in the top left corner. Appointments can be made for the following services:

  • Open an account
  • Rent a new or access to your safe deposit box
  • Notary services

Why won’t you leave the branch open during construction?
The inside of our branch will be under construction continuously until the project is complete. Active construction has the potential to cause danger, and we’re not comfortable putting our members at risk.

We also have no way of knowing from day to day how much of our branch will be accessible to staff, let alone members. There will be days when the water is shut off, which means the bathrooms will be closed. Some days the power may be on and off. There will be times when our team will have to enter the building differently. We don’t want to put our members through those daily unknown changes.

How does making an appointment make me safer? I’m still inside the branch.
When we know you are coming ahead of time, we can earmark safe places to serve you, like an office with a closed door. We can also control how many people are coming into the branch at the same time.

How long will construction last?
We anticipate construction to begin in February and go through June.

Doris, Ashlynn, Ginger, Angela R., Angela F. and Yulisa will be excited to open the doors to you soon!